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Somebody Go Get Jesus

album: Somebody Go Get Jesus
genre: Southern Gospel

Somebody Go Get Jesus
Troy Burns Family
About Troy Burns Family

Troy Burns of (Bryson City, NC.) is one of the founding members of The Inspirations, and also was lead singer for the group. Starting at only the age of 13, Troy toured and performed with them for over 30 years. Troy currently is the lead singer of the well established group Archie Watkins & Smokey Mountain Reunion, which are the Old Inspirations. Troy is also founder and owner of his own group The Troy Burns Family, consisting of Troy, his wife Tammy, and their newest member Shane Mathis. While traveling and singing all over the country the family is known for two very distinct things, their close family harmony and their love for the ministry.

Troy, having been doing this for most of his life, has had the privilege of recording over 700 original charting songs. Some include Jesus Is Coming Soon, Touring That City, Is That Footsteps, The Wonders of Wonders, Your Tears Are Touching God, The First Million Years, and many more. Troy has had the involvement in performing in over 6,000 concerts, winning numerous awards in Gospel Music and was a regularly seen face on the network TV show the astounding, Gospel Singing Jubilee. After doing that for many years, Troy now sings weekly on Daystar TV worldwide and has a charted concept video featuring Troy and his wife on Youtube titled I’m Praying For You, which has touched the hearts and minds of people around the entire world. Quoted by many Troy has been called “Mentor”, “My Hero”, “Friend” and a “Patriarch” of Southern Gospel Music.

Tammy Burns of (Bryson City, NC.) has had a heart for singing ever since she was a young child. Even though she had no plans to ever be a sought after Gospel singer, she was raised being taught the formal side of vocal performance and was a member of the Sound Of Youth from Robbinsville, North Carolina.

Being the wife of Troy Burns, Tammy has had the privilege of traveling the country with her husband as he toured with the award winning Inspirations and she is the only female to have ever taken the stage and sing with the group. It was for the duration of 3 months that Tammy had this amazing opportunity to travel and sing tenor with the Inspirations and now she is the full time alto of her and Troys group the Troy Burns Family. Along with her husband by her side, Tammy starred in their groups concept video I’m Praying For You, which gave Tammy’s voice the opportunity to be heard around the entire world and has affected the hearts and souls of millions. Many have compared Tammy’ distinct singing voice to the late Patsy Cline and Barbara Streisand. Tammy has a heart for the ministry and works hard to make sure that the words she says and the songs she sings only depict the light and love of Jesus Christ.

The newest member of Troy Burns Family is Shane Mathis from Gainesville, GA. Shane grew up in a musically-inclined family. His great-grandfather was a professional opera singer while at the same time, he and Shane’s great-grandmother performed in churches all over the Atlanta area. Shane’s grandmother was also an established Gospel singer, played piano and tenor saxophone, and has sung in choirs all her life. You could say music is genetically apart of Shane’s DNA! Shane has 4 solo projects. His latest EP, A New New Story, was released on May 9, 2016.