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Looks Like The King

album: I Still Believe
genre: Southern Gospel, Christmas

Looks Like The King
The Bethels
About The Bethels

The Bethels have always been a family group and remain so today. There has always been something
special about the blending of voices from the same genetic family. The Bethels have captured that unique and special harmony in their renditions.

Although they seek to please their audiences with a variety of gospel styles, their personal favorite is
Southern Gospel.

The current group consists of Donna Bethel Fontaine, Deanna Bethel Morgan, and Wendy Showalter (who is Donna's daughter Deanna's niece).

The Bethels have recorded two CD projects titled Come And Sing & I Still Believe. Some of their most
popular songs have been What A Gathering, He Chose This Valley and Fall Towards Calvary.