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Ryan Watkins
About Ryan Watkins

Ryan Watkins began singing in his home church as a young boy. He grew to love music and he knew God had a great calling on his life. As a teenager Ryan began to stumble with the peer pressures of the world. Instead of using his voice for the Lord, he began singing in a Rock band, traveling to different cities and seeking the spotlight for himself. The life of a rock star left a void in his life. He felt empty and he knew something was missing. Then early one morning he awoke to a voice telling him to go home. A voice he had not heard in a long time, it was the spirit of the Lord. At that moment Ryan knew what he had to do.

Two weeks Later Ryan moved back home with his parents. His father, a pastor, had just started a new Church and Ryan attended the first service. On that day Ryan laid it all down and turned his life back to the Lord. He started singing in his home church and before long he was being asked to give his testimony and sing in other local churches. He had found Gods calling on his life.

In April 2014 Ryan met Rick Schweinsburg at a gospel talent contest. Schweinsburg said “A young man holding a guitar stepped up to the microphone. When he started singing the alarm rang in my head. I could hear John Fogarty, Russ Taff, Mac Powell, Tony Joe White and Jason Crabb all rolled into one. I invited him to come to Daywind and audition at our Friday morning staff meeting. Everyone was blown away.” On that day Ryan was asked to join Daywind’s Red Hen Recording Label. Ryan has spent the last year working on his 1st album .

On August 22, 2015 Ryan celebrated the release of his album Southern Son.